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For those projects that require an accelerated schedule, Daitech Control’s team of in-house engineers, estimators and project managers participate with the project construction team and execute with technical expertise. Upon project kick-off, Daitech closely monitors the owner’s budget while managing its field crew 24/7 to ensure the project is completed safely and on schedule. Daitech’s team of certified technicians in building automation services on every construction project. Our experienced team installs HVAC, pumps, pneumatic systems, compressed air systems and temperature controls and building automation control panel. Once a system is installed, our in-house technicians perform start-up and commissioning services and provide education to building owners on operating their systems most efficiently. For existing owners, Daitech Controls offers competitive pricing and the markets most knowledgeable technicians, to retrofit and replace older, failing equipment. Most of our projects based in Costa Rica are in BMS system implementation for building.